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The baking arts represent a craft demanding the highest levels of talent, flair, and finesse, and because of that we have chosen bakery partners to create treats fresh and sweet, every day. Whether it’s Viktor Benês Bakery, Renaud’s Patisserie, or Gelson's that creates desserts in your location, you can be sure the service and selection are second-to-none. The Newport Beach store features Gelson's own bakery; the La Canada Flintridge, Long Beach, and Santa Barbara stores boast Renaud's, while the rest of our stores proudly offer baked treats from Viktor Benês.






Viktor Benês is the spot for those looking for fine delicacies at a fair price. No other bakery has creations with European influence and Southern California style like these. Viktor Benês is home to the famous Alligator, a scrumptious coffee cake filled with delicious pecans and is available in sizes ranging from large to bite size. 

Other favorites include showcase cakes, shortbread cookies for any occasion or holiday, and freshly baked bread such as six-grain and monkey bread. Whether you’re looking for something grand or something simple, Viktor Benês does not disappoint. 


Renaud’s is home to refined pastries made with fresh ingredients. Just like Gelson’s, Renaud’s aims to provide customers with treats that are just as fresh as they are delicious. With Renaud’s, customers will find an array of signature cakes and tarts available for same-day purchase, as well as pastries such as apricot croissants, blueberry muffins, brioche and golden raisin scones, among many more options. Other delicacies include cookies, macaroons and quiches. 



We at Gelson’s also have our own bakery where we offer the best in an array of baked good staples. While Viktor Benês and Renaud’s are great options for the finer delicacies, at Gelson’s Bakery customers will find great options for their day-to-day needs such as bread, coffee cake, cookies and much more. We also make custom cakes and cupcakes for children’s special occasions, including birthdays, classroom celebrations and sporting events.


We at Gelson’s recognize that each individual order is a unique experience. Whether it’s Viktor Benês, Renaud’s Patisserie or Gelson’s Bakery, each customer is guaranteed positive and tailored service. All bakeries have staff on hand ready to take orders in person or through the phone. No matter the occasion, the perfect sweet treats and a helping hand are here to make the occasion a great tasting experience.

To make a phone order, find one of our bakers under your local Gelson’s information with our store locator.

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Mini Desserts




At Gelson’s, we know that a dessert can make or break a special occasion. It’s the one thing guests expect to be a delight and so we recommend that our customers sample as many pastries as they can until they find the perfect one for the occasion.