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2. Our Newsletter Fage Greek Yogurt Greek Yogurt $3.29Selected varieties. 17.6 ozSelected varieties. 2 ozAugust 1622622, 2017Nature222s Bakery Fig Bars are the ideal solution when you need a tasty boost of instant energy. Richly 037 avored and super satisfying, these 036 g bars boast natural ingredients, such as stone-ground whole wheat. Plus, they222re free of cholesterol and dairy. Pop one in your pocket and you222re good to go!Nature222s Bakery Fig Bar 5/$400Natures Path Organic Granola$3.99Flax/Pumpkin. 11.5 ozOcho Organic Candy Bar3/$5.00Selected varieties. 1.4 ozGoMacro Macro Bar2/$4.00Selected varieties. 2-2.4 ozPost Great Grains$3.99Selected varieties. 13.5-16 ozJustin222s Almond Butter$9.99Selected varieties. 16 ozGimme Organic Roasted Seaweed3/$5.00Selected varieties. .35 oz Tejava Brewed Tea Brewed Tea 2/$3.00+crv1 ltr Food Should Taste Good Tortilla Chips Tortilla Chips 2/$6.00Selected varieties. 4.5-5.5 oz Annie Chun222s Rice Express Rice Express 2/$5.00Selected varieties. 6.3-7.4 oz It222s a natural. Kona Deep Drinking Water3/$5.00+crv1 ltr August 1622622, 2017Honest Tea Beverage$3.49+crvSelected varieties. 59 oz Glac351au vitamin water3/$5.00+crvSelected varieties. 20 oz Coke Classic, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper$2.49+crvSelected varieties. 6 pk/7.5 oz Glac351au smart water$5.99+crv6 pk/500 ml We welcome American Express, Discover, Gelson222s Charge, Mastercard, Visa and selected ATM cards. We gladly accept manufacturers222 coupons. All items not available at all locations. Some items may be taxable.Sign up for our e-newsletter at GELSONS.COM Follow Us! @gelsonsmarkets Ziploc Storage Bags2/$6.00Selected varieties. 14-24 ct Bibigo Mini Wonton$6.99Chicken. 24 ozSmart Juice$4.99+crvSelected varieties. 1 ltrColavita Organic Spaghetti2/$4.0016 ozNature222s Bounty Vitamins2522640% off reg. priceSelected varieties. 30-250 ct Viki222s Granola$4.99Selected varieties. 12 oz General Mills Chex Cereal$2.99Selected varieties. 12-14 oz Quilted Northern Bath Tissue$3.99Selected varieties. 4 rolls Colavita Organic Pasta Sauce$4.99Selected varieties. 25 ozAqua Organic Flavored Sparkling Water2/$4.00+crvSelected varieties. 12 oz Justin222s Snack Pack2/$4.00Selected varieties. 1.3 ozWild Planet Organic Roasted Chicken$3.99Selected varieties. 5 ozEZ Foil Bake Pans with Lids$3.99Selected varieties. 2-3 ctBlue Diamond Almond Breeze$3.99Selected varieties. 4 pk/8 oz Nabisco Ritz$2.99Selected varieties. 11.8-13.7 oz Bibigo Dumplings $2.99Selected varieties. 6 ozUdi222s Gluten Free Bread$4.99Selected varieties. 12 ozAhmad Tea of London$2.99Selected varieties. 20 ct thinkThin Oatmeal$3.99Vanilla Almond Pecan. 6 ct Clif Kid Organic Twisted Fruit4/$3.00Selected varieties. .7 oz Guayaki Organic Yerba Mate2/$4.00+crvSelected varieties. 15.5 oz Annie Chun222s Organic Seaweed Snack2/$3.00Selected varieties. .35 oz Starbucks Coffee$8.99Selected varieties. 12 oz or 10 ct K-Cups

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6. Gelson's Hands On Floral Class

Enjoy an hour of fun and learn how to create this Fall harvest arrangement for your home.

7. On Special: Spicy Grilled Sriracha Shrimp Skewers

Our grilled jumbo shrimp are as easy as can be. They're marinated in sriracha and served with dipping sauce.

8. Grilled Peaches and Vanilla Yogurt Recipe

It’s peach season! Tap into the sweet plentitude and pure refreshment of California Summeripe peaches. Try this recipe.

9. Recipe: Mango-Marinated Flat Iron Steaks with Fruity Ginger Jicama Slaw

Celebrate grilling season with this tropical-inspired flat iron steak recipe paired with a side of mango jicama ginger slaw on the side.

10. Sugar Kiss Melon Recipes

Sugar Kiss Melon lends superb flavor to a variety of splendid summer recipes.

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