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Sunions: The Tearless and Sweet Onion with a Bright Disposition


Sunions, available exclusively at Gelson's, are a new breed of sweet onions. Literally. Different from other onions, Sunions are both tearless and sweet – the first of their kind! They’re not flat like many other sweet onions, but round and bright gold. That’s because unlike Vidalia or Peruvian sweet onions, Sunions are long-day onions. This means they’re grown during the summer months when they have the best opportunity to spend more time each day in the field enjoying the sunshine. 

Sunions are grown right here in the USA in the sandy soils of Nevada, Eastern Washington and Oregon – areas well-known for their climate and conditions perfect for growing the sweetest onions. Family-owned farms and decades of experience in farming onions paired with perfect growing conditions are what make Sunions so special. 

Using several rating systems developed over years of testing and research, Sunions were found to be virtually tearless. This surprising quality was also confirmed by the highly-respected Ohio State University Sensory Evaluation Center. In fact, thanks in part to the lack of tears caused when cutting Sunions, consumers involved in the Ohio State study preferred Sunions five to one over a leading onion available in grocery stores. But the allure of Sunions goes beyond the lack of tears when chopping and slicing. They’re sweet, crunchy and delicious on sandwiches and the perfect addition to all of your favorite recipes that include onions. This means you can peel, slice, chop or mince with fewer tears without sacrificing any flavor or sweetness. 

While they are grown in the summer and harvested in early fall, Sunions don’t make it to the shelves of your favorite grocer until the winter months because of another special feature unique to the onion – they actually get sweeter over time. Most onions will develop a hotter flavor and cause far more tears the longer they’re stored, but not Sunions. They’re stored after harvest and follow a strict testing schedule performed by certified taste professionals to determine when they’ve reached peak sweetness and flavor along with the fewest tears before Sunions are allowed to ship to stores. Growers are committed to keeping the promise of a truly tearless, flavorful and sweet onion!  

Enjoy tearless and sweet Sunions raw on salads, grilled on burgers or even as uncooked onion petals perfect for scooping your favorite dips in place of chips.