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BJ's Brewhouse Beer Pairings Perfect for Your Cookout


Want to honor a much-loved drink? Take a tip (and a sip) from BJ’s Brewhouse. These curated combinations are designed to enhance your enjoyment of excellent beer.


Brewhouse Blonde


Mild kolsch-syle beer is best with mild/delicate flavors and most seafood. Perfect Pairings: Halibut, Grilled Shrimp, Grilled Vegetables

Harvest Hefeweizen


This German style with spicy notes is perfect with sausages. Perfect Pairings: Bratwurst, Hot Dogs

Piranha Pale Ale


The citrusy hop profile complements flavorful seafood and citrus marinated chicken. Perfect Pairings: Salmon, Grilled Chicken w/ Citrusy Seasoning

HopStorm IPA



Hoppy IPA is perfect with spicy chicken dishes. Perfect Pairings: Grilled Chicken w/ Spicy Seasoning, Chicken Kabobs

Jeremiah Red



The rich/malty/full-bodied profile is perfect with red meats and bold BBQ flavors. Perfect Pairings: Ribeye or any steak, Baby Back Ribs, Hamburgers, Steak Kabobs