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2. Our Newsletter Ronzoni Pasta Pasta 3/$5.00Selected varieties. 12-16 ozTropicana Orange Juice Orange Juice $3.29Selected varieties. 59 oz April 26226May 2, 2017There are many reasons that pasta is a family favorite around the world. It222s simple, versatile, and oh so tasty, especially when topped with one of Newman222s Own pasta sauces. Try marinara, 037 ve cheese, roasted garlic Alfredo, and more. Plus, 100% of pro037 ts go to charity. Now, that222s a feel-good food!Newman222s Own Pasta Sauce LaCroix Sparkling Water Sparkling Water $3.99+crvSelected varieties. 12 pk/12 oz Bertolli Olive Oil Olive Oil $6.99Selected varieties. 17 ozSelected varieties. 15-24 oz$299 Ghirardelli Brownie or Cookie Mix2/$6.00Selected varieties. 16.75-18.75 oz Fage Greek Yogurt$5.49Selected varieties. 35.3 oz Ortega Taco Shells2/$4.00Selected varieties. 10-12 ct Stacy222s Pita Crisps2/$6.00Selected varieties. 6.75 oz Quilted Northern Bath Tissue$8.99Ultra Plush. 12 ct Pepperidge Farm Cookies2/$5.00Selected varieties. 7.2-7.75 oz Pasta to please! Cinch Glass Cleaner2/$5.0017 ozNapa Valley Natural Champagne Vinegar$4.9912.7 oz April 26226May 2, 2017Powerade99242+crvSelected varieties. 32 oz Glac351au vitamin water4/$5.00+crvSelected varieties. 20 oz Coke Classic, Diet Coke, Sprite, Dr. Pepper$3.49+crvSelected varieties. 6 pk/500 ml Glac351au smart water$5.49+crv6 pk/500 ml We welcome American Express, Discover, Gelson222s Charge, Mastercard, Visa and selected ATM cards. We gladly accept manufacturers222 coupons. All items not available at all locations. Some items may be taxable. Nabisco Fig Newtons2/$7.00Selected varieties. 10 oz Snack Factory Fruit Sticks $3.59Selected varieties. 2.75-3 ozTony222s Chocolonely Chocolate Bar$3.79Selected varieties. 6 ozNewman222s Own Microwave Popcorn2/$5.00Selected varieties. 3 ctLysol Disinfecting Wipes or Cleaner$2.99 Selected varieties. 35 ct or 22-40 ozPost Grape Nuts2/$7.0020.5 oz Viva Towels2/$4.00Selected varieties. 1 rollCento Tomatoes2/$5.00Selected varieties. 28 oz Newman222s Own Salad Dressing$3.99Selected varieties. 16 oz Star Red Wine Vinegar$2.5912 oz Q-Tip Cotton Swabs$3.99500 ct Snyder222s Pretzel Pieces2/$6.00Selected varieties. 10-12 ozKraft Cheese$4.99Selected varieties. 7-8 oz Nothin222 But Granola Cookies $5.49Selected varieties. 7 oz Jell-O Pudding or Gelatin2/$5.00Selected varieties. 4 pkSun Bird Golden Curry Mix or Wasabi$2.99226$3.99Selected varieties. 1.52-3.5 oz Quaker Chewy Granola Bars2/$6.00Selected varieties. 6.7-7.4 ozIf You Care Parchment Roasting Bags$4.996 ctAnnie Chun222s Rice Express2/$5.00Selected varieties. 6.3-7.4 ozThomas222 NY Style Bagels $2.99Selected varieties. 6 ct New York Flatbreads2/$4.00Selected varieties. 5 oz Solo Cups or Plates2/$6.00Selected varieties. 22-50 ct We gladly accept manufacturers222 coupons. All items not available at all locations. Some items may be taxable. Sign up for our e-newsletter at GELSONS.COM Follow Us! @gelsonsmarkets

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