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Sustainable Eating

Sustainable eating is eating in a way that doesn't damage our current or future environmental resources.



Top Five Things We Can Do to Eat More Sustainably

1. Eat more produce. It takes less energy to grow produce than it does to raise livestock. 

2. Eat more minimally processed foods and also foods with less packaging. They take less energy to produce. 

3. Try not to waste food. When food is wasted, all the energy that went into producing it is wasted too. Consider composting uneaten food or freezing leftovers.

4. Eat sustainably and locally. It's less costly and doesn't have to travel far. 

5. Buy Organically. Organic foods are better for the environment and can often be more nutritious. 




What would you say to the person that thinks it's too expensive to eat sustainably?

Where can I find out when certain fruits and vegetables are in season?

Could you give some examples of proteins that are more flexitarian?



Listener Question

With California being in such a big drought, what are some things we can do to cut back on water usage?



Resources Mentioned

Jessica's Healthy Shopping List with Seasonal Buying Guide




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Gelson's Registered Dietitian, Jessica Siegel, has a Masters in Public Health. However, she is not a doctor and her nutritional recommendations are not tailored to specific health problems. Always consult your physician before beginning any nutritional program. 


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