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About Mediterranean Diet - taken from her Healthy Living Guide

• Why other diets fail and where the Mediterranean Diet succeeds.
• Emphasizes what foods you can eat rather than excluding foods. 


The Daily Diet

• olive oil
• produce
• grains and cereals 
• beans, legumes, nuts, and seeds
• yogurt and cheese
• wine (responsibly)
• water


Weekly Diet

• fish and shellfish
• poultry
• eggs
• sweets


Monthly Diet

• red meat


Resources Mentioned

Jessica's Healthy Living Guide


Questions Answered

How is the Mediterranean Diet different from other diets and how can I know that it's right for me?

How can I make small changes to move into this lifestyle?

Is the Mediterranean Diet okay for kids?


Listener Question

Is there a way to make the mediterranean diet work without having to eat falafel or hummus?



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Gelson's Registered Dietitian, Jessica Siegel, has a Masters in Public Health. However, she is not a doctor and her nutritional recommendations are not tailored to specific health problems. Always consult your physician before beginning any nutritional program. 


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