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Seafood - Store Departments

Gelson’s is the place to get delicious and fresh seafood every day of the week. Each Gelson’s location has a full-service seafood department that is staffed with trained seafood specialists. Our goal is to help you have a delicious meal that you enjoy and savor!

Looking for something special that's a restaurant-level dish and already prepared? We have our delicious ahi tuna poke available and ready to go. It is made fresh throughout the day with our exclusive recipes.


There are two ways to get some of this great seafood. You can come on down and see us at one of our many Southern California locations. We also can come to you! Just order online from Gelson’s and we’ll bring it right to your door.


Gelson's - Fresh Seafood


It all starts with top-quality, fresh seafood. Traditionally you would go down to the wharfs to get the freshest seafood, but that is not needed any more. Each store has an abundant display of fresh fish and seafood supplied by California's best seafood vendors. Our seafood is a step above that of all other supermarkets, making it easy to create that restaurant-quality dish for friends and loved ones because you are starting with restaurant-quality seafood.


Don’t know what to make? Don’t worry. We can help you with recipes and cooking suggestions to meet that craving you have. Our seafood department is the perfect spot if you are short on time. You can pick up prepared, ready-to-cook meals.


Our seafood department is truly full service – we love to help with your special requests. Those requests can be as simple as cutting your fish into perfect portions. We would also be happy to help with the more complicated requests like shucking your oysters or peeling and deveining your shrimp. It's an extra step we go to show we care, so there is no extra charge.


Gelson's experts follow stringent guidelines and buying specifications.  As a result, each store offers the freshest catches of the day. 


Our seafood buyers have years of experience in selecting the best cuts for you.  They shop for the best fish in season and know how to find the best cuts of that species.



Each Gelson's seafood counter is personally attended to ensure that you receive exactly what you're looking for.  Feel free to ask questions about anything... sushi roll ingredients, marinating tips, cutting instructions... we're here to make sure you are satisfied! 


Our seafood experts hand cut fish fillets and steaks each day for maximum freshness.  Looking for a specific size piece? Let them know how many people you want to feed and they will help get you the perfect cut.


What is more decadent and luxurious than lobster? Our locations all have live lobster tanks. You can pick out the perfect lobsters for you and your guests. You don’t even have to prepare them yourself. We will cook them, crack them, and even clean them for you upon request – all for free. You just need to decide how you are going to serve it.

Gelson's - Fresh Seafood