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What sets Gelson’s apart? Our legion faithful might say it’s a state of mind, the kind of confidence that comes with knowing what’s in store for you, even before you’ve parked your car: quality, selection, freshness, cleanliness, discrimination, knowledgable service, and almost always a pleasant surprise that whets your appetite and widens your smile. 

But for wide-eyed newbies and newshounds as well, here’s a quick overview of what makes us unique and solidifies Gelson’s standing as the premier supermarket value in Southern California (and probably anywhere else).  





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Our selection will quench your thirst for alternative beverages — including a wide choice of pressed juices. Press us for details and we’ll tell you these juices are the most nutritionally complete juice available.  With the freshest fruits and veggies in town, you'll be able to taste the Gelson's difference with your first sip.


You don’t have to be a detective to solve this one: When you have so many fresh beverages, you need a great big refrigerated case to shelve them. Not sure about which to try? We sell many of our drinks individually so you don't have to worry about buying a 6-pack of something you've never had before.

Cold Case
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Kombucha, the ancient “Immortal Health Elixir” with enthusiastic modern advocates, is here for your detoxing pleasure. Expert opinion varies but the prevailing belief says that Kombucha’s B vitamins, enzymes, probiotics and high acid concentration lead to improved digestion, easier weight loss, increased energy and immune support — even PMS and arthritis relief.


Why are people nuts about coconut water? It’s low in calories, first of all. For a serving’s worth of potassium, you’d have to sit down an eat four bananas. And it’s filled with electrolytes, nature’s own sports drink. Great for smoothies, soups, and cakes, too. Use for imagination...and maybe a straw!

Coconut Drinks