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Dairy - Store Departments

The dairy department of Gelson’s is an essential stop for everyone in Southern California. If you need anything at all – from the perfect ingredients for a crème brûlée or a grab-and-go organic yogurt or even options for the lactose-intolerant, Gelson’s dairy department is your one-stop shop.


Come on in to get all the dairy items you need at one of our Southern California locations or just place an order online to have our great products brought straight to you! Here’s another hint: You really want to also see all the great cheeses we have and check out our robust frozen food section!




Gelson's - Fresh Milk



Gelson's dairy department is a celebration in every bottle, container, and package.  You’ll find whatever you need to complete a recipe or satisfy your hunger or thirst for quality, with options to boot.  




Looking for free-range eggs from happy hens? Look no further! We have a variety of eggs from great brands like Vital Farms. All our eggs are cage-free and are only from California farms. They are fresh and local! They are perfect for that morning (or evening) omelette or a light and airy cake.
Gelson's - Farm Fresh Eggs
Gelson's - Fresh Milk



Have some fresh cookies that are calling for some cold milk? We have a variety of choices of growth-hormone-free milk from Dean’s Dairy Pure milk. Try the Organic Valley Good to Go Milk in low-fat chocolate while you are out and about. We also have the delicious Fairlife Ultra Filtered line. 


Cow’s milk not your thing? Have no fear! We have goat milk from Meyenberg Dairy. We also have a variety of lactose-free and vegan options. There are all kinds of different soy and nut milks available. We have specialty milks like Living Harvest’s hemp milk, Tempt. We even carry decadent and delicious Toasted Coconut Almond Milk from Califia Farms.




So many of our customers enjoy yogurt as part of their healthy lifestyle, so we treat you all kinds of quality varieties.  From Greek Yogurt to your favorite regular varieties, we have you covered.


Try adding some of our fresh produce to your yogurt to add a healthy kick to your snack!
Various Cheese



We pull our dairy products a minimum of 3 days before expiration date to guarantee freshness. 


Our selection is so vast and special to us, it has its own section! Check out all of our Gourmet-zing Cheeses HERE.