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At Gelson’s, we offer our customers everything they need for a proper celebration. Big or small, we have what you need for any occasion. Our stores carry a wide variety of high-quality beer, wine and spirits, and unlike other places we know what we serve is of good quality because we sample it ourselves.

Our buying team hand-selects the local wine and beer seen at our stores, meaning you won’t see anything we didn’t deem great tasting. If you have any questions regarding our products, or simply have questions about wine, feel free to speak with a member of our staff. We have wine experts in every store who can help select an appropriate choice and suggest the best wine pairings. 



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Gelson’s is the spot for all beer enthusiasts and connoisseurs. No matter the preference, Gelson’s has what you want. Whether it’s domestic, imported or craft beers, we have it. We aim to offer you the best and widest selection, so if you have any suggestions please let us know. If you’re up to trying new beers or simply want to sample what we have, consider stopping by for one of our beer tastings. Take a look at our calendar to find the most convenient for you.


There is no better way to end the day or liven up a celebration than with a glass of good wine. If you’re looking to buy multiple types of wines, this is the spot to get them all. At Gelson’s, we carry an ample selection of fine wines and wine pairings. As our wines are hand-selected you can be assured that they offer the best tastes and aromas. Because we want to help you make the best selection we offer wine tastings almost every Friday and Saturday at 24 of our locations.

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Gelson’s selection of spirits will without a doubt put anyone in good spirits. There is something for everyone no matter how discriminating the taste. We are also proud to offer Gelson’s Finest Brand spirits, which are perfect for those looking for drinks that truly meet high-quality standards. To sample our selection, consider stopping by for one of our tequila or vodka tastings.


Gelson’s is proud to introduce Sip and Shop, a new shopping experience at our wine bar in Silver Lake. Stop by for a glass of wine and let one of our staff members do the shopping. All you need to do is bring a shopping list and relax.

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