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At Gelson’s, we’re more than just fresh groceries. Shopping at our stores is a wholesome experience that is much more than a simple trip to restock the pantry. Our stores feature high-quality products no matter the food group and knowledgeable service that very few can offer.

Grocery shopping should always be an adventure, never a chore. And shopping at Gelson’s is just that – an experience to remember. With 27 stores currently operating in Southern California, Gelson’s is the premier full-service specialty grocery chain for the region. If you want a superior shopping experience, exceptional service and a neighborhood community feel, look no further than your nearest Gelson’s location








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What Makes Us Different

Only the Best

At Gelson's we are very serious about our commitment to quality, freshness and customer service. We want to be one of the best grocery stores you've ever walked into.


Here are a few things that set us apart: 


  • We offer the freshest possible produce (including locally sourced organic fruits and vegetables) by buying and delivering produce to all stores six days a week. Freshness is a priority.  
  • All beef, veal, lamb and pork is hand cut in every store to ensure tenderness and preserve moisture. And all our fresh meats are 100 percent American-raised. 
  • We'll steam your lobsters, crack crabs, shuck oysters and peel and de-vein shrimp. 
  • We employ more than 100 chefs who, under the direction of executive chef Peter Fiore, create mouth-watering gourmet fare from scratch.
  • Expert floral designers are available at every store to customize arrangements and create fresh arrangements every day. We also offer floral classes. 
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Woman Grocery Shopping

Au Natural


Organic items are a priority for you and for us — oh, and for the planet, not to mention the farming community. Needless to say, we stock accordingly. Wherever you are in the store, one glance up from your shopping cart and you’ll see evidence of our commitment to all things organic. We also feature a huge variety of natural brands, as well as specialty items such as Gluten Free, Non-GMO, and much more.


Experience Gelson's

Visit us and join our community first-hand. Everything we do is with our customers in mind. With more than 60 years of experience, we are the experts. Let us show you the ultimate grocery shopping experience. You will not be disappointed. That's our promise. 

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