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What sets Gelson’s apart? Our legion faithful might say it’s a state of mind, the kind of confidence that comes with knowing what’s in store for you, even before you’ve parked your car: quality, selection, freshness, cleanliness, discrimination, knowledgable service, and almost always a pleasant surprise that whets your appetite and widens your smile. 

But for wide-eyed newbies and newshounds as well, here’s a quick overview of what makes us unique and solidifies Gelson’s standing as the premier supermarket value in Southern California (and probably anywhere else).  






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Gelson’s has been known as the “Super” market since the early days, both for the consistently superior quality of its products and the heroic breadth of the choices afforded its customers. Sure, you can find bigger stores today, but none that puts convenience and quality (and service!) together quite like us.

We're proud of our "Super market" heritage. (We are not a specialty store!)


We don't tell you what staples you need to round out your grocery list, you tell us.  That's why our breathtaking lienup represents the full spectrum of groceries.


We feature national brands as well as a diverse array of local brands.

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Woman Grocery Shopping



Organic items are a priority for you and for us — oh, and for the planet, not to mention the farming community. Needless to say, we stock accordingly. Wherever you are in the store, one glance up from your shopping cart and you’ll see evidence of our commitment to all things organic. We also feature a huge variety of natural brands, as well as specialty items such as Gluten Free, Non-GMO, and much more.



Those new to Gelson's find it hard to believe that a supermarket of such high quality and exacting standards can present consistent values on items you value... but we do! 

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