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Gourmet Cheese - Store Departments

In our Cheese Department, you can find an ample variety of high-quality gourmet cheeses and trained specialists who know more than just how to cut the cheese. 

There are several Gelson’s locations in Southern California, each with a cheese department ready to help you find the perfect cheese for you. Stop by the nearest one and check out our gourmet cheeses! Don’t have the time to visit? Order online and have cheeses, and other Gelson’s products delivered straight to your door.  






The Best Cheese

Our cheese selection is anything but limited. There’s something for every kind of an occasion from all sorts of countries from around the world. We have the typical classic hard, soft and aged cheeses as well seasonal varieties for the holiday season. Whether it’s a traditional option or a trendy new cheese, Gelson’s has it in stock and ready to serve.


Our cheese buyer are always looking for the next big cheese: Ask your local cheese specialist if they have any exclusive brands in... they go quickly!


Even Better Service

Unlike other grocery stores, at Gelson’s we don’t just offer you goods to buy, we also provide superior customer service that goes above and beyond a simple smile. Our cheese specialists do their job with proper care, attention and knowledge. Each specialist is trained to hand-cut and wrap cheese in the best way so that our customers receive a high-quality product.


Specialists are also educated on all sorts of cheese-related matters and can help with both choosing the best cheese for the occasion to what pairings work best with each other. When buying at Gelson’s, customers not only know they purchased a good product, but they know about it as well. 


Even our in-store liquor specialist can help with your next cheese purchase by informing you which wines and beers best pair with it.  


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The Extras

We also have a variety of packaged cheeses for our customers to choose from, including goat cheese, feta, marinated cabecou and other delicious choices. Our selection also includes organic and ethnic cheeses.