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What sets Gelson’s apart?

What sets Gelson’s apart? Our legion faithful might say it’s a state of mind, the kind of confidence that comes with knowing what’s in store for you, even before you’ve parked your car: quality, selection, freshness, cleanliness, discrimination, knowledgable service, and almost always a pleasant surprise that whets your appetite and widens your smile. 

But for wide-eyed newbies and newshounds as well, here’s a quick overview of what makes us unique and solidifies Gelson’s standing as the premier supermarket value in Southern California (and probably anywhere else).  




Frozen Foods - Store Departments


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Yes, Gelson's is famous for "fresh," but did you know our buyers are just as passionate about procuring fresh frozen fruits and vegetables too?


From prepared meals to veggies to desserts, Gelson's features a wide range of high quality frozen goods that will leave you wondering whether you made it from scratch or not.


Is there anything cooler than standing in front of our freezers dreaming of your next delicious dessert, ready to take out of the box and present to your guests? 


We have a wide variety of frozen goods to help you prepare for any event... or any lazy night.  Check out our Frozen Savings section in our newsletter to see the newest deals on items from our cold case. 


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I SCREAM, YOU SCREAM... need to scream: We carry Ice Cream in all it's infinite varieties.  From Artisan to Organic, from Rocky Road to Olive Oil Drenched Almond, we have you covered.


Frozen Yogurt? Non-Dairy Desserts? We have plenty of those to choose from as well... because no one should miss out on dessert.