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What sets Gelson’s apart?

What sets Gelson’s apart? Our legion faithful might say it’s a state of mind, the kind of confidence that comes with knowing what’s in store for you, even before you’ve parked your car: quality, selection, freshness, cleanliness, discrimination, knowledgable service, and almost always a pleasant surprise that whets your appetite and widens your smile. 

But for wide-eyed newbies and newshounds as well, here’s a quick overview of what makes us unique and solidifies Gelson’s standing as the premier supermarket value in Southern California (and probably anywhere else).  






Meat - Store Departments

Grilled Beefsteak


Our cuts rival what top restaurants offer.  Customers have counted on our meat selection at the holidays for years, but more and more people are discovering the everyday value! 


We carry free-range and hormone-free chicken to ensure you're getting the healthiest option for you.

We carry all-natural American pork, lamb and veal.

Our butchers are cutting fresh American beef: hormone- and antibiotic-free, organic and grass-fed, sustainably raised for the highest quality you can find in grocery stores.


Free Range Chicken


Our chicken is hand cut and trimmed daily to provide the freshest pieces possible.

Beef and pork are hand-ground throughout the day for maximum freshness and taste for your recipes.

Our in-house meat experts hand-select full sides of beef that are then delivered daily to each store and professionally cut by each store's butcher.  You can taste the difference.