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Gelson’s is the No. 1 spot for fresh produce in Southern California. No other grocer offers produce as fresh or as varied as ours. One look at the Gelson’s produce section is a look into a rainbow of natural colors and aromas. It is an experience of the senses like no other.

What’s your pleasure, apples and berries? We’ve got them! Melons and grapes? We’ve got them, too! Maybe you’re looking for something extra special, like Ojai Pixie Tangerines or Sweet Sensation Grapes? We’ve got them all and more of them than anyone else. Gelson’s is your fresh produce destination! 

At Gelson’s Markets, we are committed to high-quality produce, be it organic or conventionally grown. Both options are a great addition to a healthy and fit lifestyle. 




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Organic Produce at Gelson’s means clean and natural fruits and vegetables that are nurtured by Mother Nature alone, soaking in the warm sun and carefully handled by growers that know what organic is all about. For the best variety of the purest Organic Produce there is only one choice in Southern California and that is Gelson’s.


Our organic fruits and vegetables are carefully selected to ensure that they are both fresh and chemical-free. We partner with farmers and local growers who abstain from using pesticides, herbicides, unnatural fertilizers or any other chemicals.


Gelson’s works with many different local farmers and growers, which means the produce we have available has not been on the road for days. It is fresh from the farm, and our stores feature a daily 75 percent produce turnover rate – meaning what is in our stores hasn’t been there for long.


We also carry a variety of fruits and vegetables from around the world so we have just what you need for international dishes. There is no more need to go to one store for your local fruits and vegetables and another for your international produce. Here at Gelson’s, we have both.

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Locally Grown Produce


Unlike other grocery stores, at Gelson’s we have a wide selection of produce that features exclusive seasonal fruits like Sugar Kiss Melons and Cotton Candy Grapes, among other favorites. Don’t even try to find these treats anywhere else. Gelson’s is the only California grocery store to carry them.


To add more to our great produce section, Gelson’s produce managers and experts are here to help you with anything you may need. They can help you find the fruit or vegetable that is just ripe enough for your dish or just about ripe if there is still some time. Our experts are also able to provide excellent recipe recommendations, such as which type of produce suits which recipe or what additional fruits and vegetables will add more flavor.


For a truly wide assortment of fresh and organic fruits and vegetables, visit one of our locations today!