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Inching Towards Acceptance


For almost five years I’ve been blogging about Big J’s journey towards egg acceptance.  She has seriously disliked eggs from day one and her process has been very slow and jagged ever since.  She ate quiche from about ages eighteen months through four years, and started eating egg salad around age three.  Both have had their extended periods of being on and off the “menu,” with restaurant quiche currently being off the menu, but homemade quiche and egg salad are still acceptable.  We offer her neutral exposure to other forms of eggs by ordering them for ourselves at restaurants, but we don’t pressure her to try them.

 I’m delighted to report a major breakthrough that she’s had with scrambles eggs this week!  She attended a winter camp over her holiday break, where the kids make their own snacks and the counselors cook lunch for the kids.  Monday was “pajama day” at camp and they served breakfast for lunch: waffles and scrambled eggs.  Big J shocked me at dinner that night by reporting that she ate scrambled eggs at lunch.  I couldn’t hide my excitement and remain neutral!  “What?!?  How did that happen?” I asked with a huge grin on my face.  She said the eggs just looked so delicious that she had to try them and they were good.  I told her that I was excited that she tried eggs and liked them.  (I don’t claim to execute the Division of Responsibility perfectly.)  She surprised me yet again yesterday at lunch when Little J offered her a bite of her scrambled eggs and she enthusiastically popped a bite into her mouth.  The most exciting development, however, happened this morning at our family breakfast when we were talking about what to make for dinner.  Big J suggested we have breakfast for dinner—including scrambled eggs!

Making scrambled eggs for dinner is a dream of mine.  My husband, Little J, and I all love eggs and being able to make eggs for dinner means I can have a quick, easy meal in my back pocket that can be made in a pinch, or with some planning.  I don’t’ want to get my hopes up too high; there is a good chance that Big J won’t even eat a bite of eggs tonight.  I will be careful not to pressure her to try them and I’ll also try to contain my excitement and remain as neutral as possible if she does decide to eat some.