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Grades of Green and Gelson's are excited to team up to inspire and empower kids to care for the environment. At all store locations we are proud to present an “eco-scavenger” hunt game.  

How does it work?

At all Gelson's locations, 5 hidden Grades of Green eco-facts will be placed around the store for kids to find and decode. The facts are helpful, friendly reminders about how to protect our environment, and remind kids that together we can make a difference.

How do kids participate?

Go to the front desk and ask for an answer sheet like the one below:

What next?

Happy hunting around our store to find all 5 eco-facts in which they unscramble the code letters. Then, turn it in at the front desk for an eco-friendly pencil made of expired, shredded US currency with standard gold ferrules and a green eraser. A one of a kind prize!

This scavenger hunt is open to kids of all ages. 

If you have any questions, please contact Gelson's Marketing Department at 818-377-6494.

ABOUT GRADES OF GREEN: Grades of Green is an environmental education non-profit whose goal is to change the course of our future by making environmental protection second nature in young minds today. We do this by inspiring and empowering kids and the broader school community to care for the environment through free access to our 40+ Grades of Green Activities. These fun, hands-on Activities provide students, parents and educators with the tools they need to green their schools - all while instilling a lifetime of environmental habits in kids. Join the green student movement by registering for free at

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