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That savory summer delight is here: Hatch Chiles are at Gelson’s!

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Try before you buy? Come to a Gelson’s roasting event and sample Hatch Chile specialty items. See what you like, learn about the growing process, and talk with our friendly team of experts. We’ll be hosting these events on weekends, through mid-September. Click here for our roasting schedule.

About Hatch Chile
Hailing from Hatch, New Mexico, these peppers are uniquely delicious (both spicy and sweet) and we have so many great ways to enjoy 'em...

When picking up your case, also check out our Hatch Chile Salad, Hatch Chile Cornbread, Hatch Chile Sausage, Hatch Chile Burgers, Hatch Chile Crab Cakes, and more – perfect for easy, no-fuss, gourmet dining.

They're the ideal addition to lots of dishes, including omelets, baked chicken, pasta, sandwiches, dips, salsa, and more.

Come to Gelson's and get Hatch happy!