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Wine and Cheese Pairings for Mother’s Day Brunch



A toast to Mom! Wine and cheese go together like blue sky and California sunshine. Gelson’s has beautiful pairings for your celebration. 

And here are the cheese pairings:

Listel Rose

The lightly sweet and refreshing profile of rosé made in this region enhances the fresh, tangy and slightly salty taste of Humboldt Fog goat cheese. The combination is the perfect summer pairing. Try it with sliced melon for even more refreshment.  

Le Cengle Cotes de Provence Rose

Soft Tangy, salty Kolios Greek Feta is a nice match with the zippy acidity in rosé. It’s easy to turn a chunk of feta and a bottle of rosé into a simple and delicious meal. Top the feta with extra virgin olive oil and fresh herbs, and serve with some artisan bread.  

Chateau de Campuget rose 

La Tur, this creamy, rich Italian cheese has a blend of three milks - goat, sheep and cow - but it's the flavor of the goat's milk that really comes through. Tangy, earthy and fresh, this cheese will pair nicely with a rosé that has a hint of fresh berries in the flavor and aroma.   

Chateau D’ Esclans Whispering Angel Rose

Cave Aged Gruyere has a dense creamy texture and slightly spicy, herbal character that can pair so well with rosé, especially with this wine that has a little bit of spiciness.