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Tuesday Treat - A Little Treat to Make Your Day, the Italian Way



A little treat to make your day, the Italian way! 

Sweetaly's artisanal Italian desserts are based on traditional recipes that come directly from Italy. They use simple, natural ingredients to make our single serve desserts which are free of any artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, and preservatives. Their ingredients are sourced from local sustainable farms, and the milk and cream is 100% rBGH free. They uses only Organic pure cane sugar and NON GMO chocolate and vanilla beans. 

Sweetaly is fully committed to making rather delicious desserts with fresh, natural ingredients and not a lot of sugar, always. So sit back, relax, and indulge for your #TuesdayTreat!

Check out the dessert collection below, available at your local Gelson's!

Made with high quality cocoa that’s sourced directly from Ecuador, this light but decadent dessert will make you forget all other chocolate mousses you’ve ever tried!





Panna cotta is made with authentic italian espresso coffee that is brewed by hand in a moka pot.



An alchemy of many tastes which come from the union of 3 simple ingredients: cream, milk, and sugar. Originating from the Piedmont region of Italy our Panna Cotta is made with RBGH-free milk and cream and comes with sea salted caramel.

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